Tuesday, February 10, 2009



They would close Pandora's Box & with it, the potential of human development & expansion into space. The Reptoids hate competition.

There are seven Temples in the world, all linked together by what we call ''Thought Machines". The Thought Machines are large crystals which "transmit thoughts and mental pictures."

"I am the offspring of yesterday; the tunnels of the earth have given me birth; and I am revealed at my appointed time."

"The Great Ruler of Mars sent a fleet of spaceships to earth... They settled in Antarctica and built seven great cities there, modeled after the cities on Mars; each had a distinctive color and was called the Green City or the Blue City or the Red
City. But the greatest of all was Rainbow City, so named because it was constructed entirely of plastic of all colors of the rainbow... Under their guidance (of the Ancient Three) the colony flourished mightily.

"It was humanity's golden age, but it was not to last forever. A great catastrophe, probably a surprise attack by the Snake People, struck the earth and tipped it over on its axis. As in Doreal's history--but with the parties REVERSED--the people
of Antarctica quickly found their paradise icy and uninhabitable.

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