Monday, February 9, 2009


How can I contact the Ancient Three? Can I go to Rainbow City and work for the New Age? Only certain individuals had been chosen by the Three to go to Rainbow City— not because they were ‘worthy,’ but because they were needed there. Rainbow City was not open to the curious. ‘No one can buy his way into Rainbow City,’ she wrote; adding,
‘We ourselves, who are the North American spokesmen, cannot enter Rainbow City at this time. Therefore we cannot promise entry to anyone else.’

Almost everything in Rainbow City was built of plastic. W.C. wrote that the roads leading into the city ‘are paved with plastic.’ The clothing Emery and his colleagues found hanging in the ancient closets ‘is woven of a plastic thread softer than the finest modern silks, lighter in weight, and... fire proof.’

But at some point in their conquests, the ancient humans encountered the race which was to become their deadly enemy, the Snake People. The Snake People and the ancients battled for a thousand years, with the advantage passing first to one side, then to the other. But it became clear that the Snake People had won.

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